What Are The Traditional Lebanese Dishes?

What Are The Traditional Lebanese Dishes?

Lebanese cuisine is celebrated for its blend of spicy aromatic flavours, which are used to complement a wide range of meat and plant-based dishes. Many people enjoy the simple quality ingredients, which are enhanced with rich and varied seasoning. It is common to serve meals as a spread of small plates, known as mezze.



This is one of the most famous and popular Middle Eastern dishes. It is made from a deep-fried mixture of ground chickpeas, or sometimes also fava beans, or even a mixture of the two. In Lebanon, people will often grab a falafel as a filling snack, much in the same way as Westerners would buy a sausage roll or veggie burger.

The chickpeas are mixed with a delicious blend of spices, typically cardamom and cumin, and onions and garlic are stirred through the filling. It’s all wrapped up in a pitta flatbread, and served with crisp fresh vegetables.



These are oval shaped grilled kebabs, which are sometimes compared with meatballs. They are most often made from ground beef, but can also be made from chicken or lamb. The other basic ingredients are onions, parsley, and spices. It can be served with pitta, or with hummus, or indeed with any vegetable or rice pilau side dishes.



This is a popular side dish to accompany hummus, or many other traditional Middle Eastern mezze food. It’s a fresh herb and bulgur wheat salad, with plenty of chopped parsley, cucumber, and tomato. Some versions will add more herbs and onions, and omit the bulgur wheat. It’s a refreshing and nutritious way to round out a meal.



This is a much-loved dish, which is eaten throughout the world. It consists of lamb of chicken that has been slow-roasted kebab style, with spices such as turmeric, paprika, and cinnamon. It is traditionally served with tahini sauce and plenty of fresh herbs.


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