Traditional Lebanese Breakfast Foods

Traditional Lebanese Breakfast Foods

Lebanon is a country with a rich and diverse cuisine, and if you are keen to sample its native menus, you will never be short of tempting new dishes to try. Here’s a look at some traditional Lebanese breakfast foods, where the first meal of the day is something to be relished.


Fatteh Hummus

This is a delicious combination of boiled chickpeas mixed with garlic, and served on toasted bread which is topped with plain yoghurt. It’s sometimes blended with tahini for extra flavouring, and it can be topped with pine nuts for extra crunch. A very healthy way to start the day!


Foul Medamas

This nutritious dish is made with stewed fava beans or broad beans, and topped with chopped fresh parsley, spring onions, and tomatoes. It’s flavoured with lemon juice and garlic. A perfect start to the day, to provide a filling and energy packed breakfast that will keep the hunger pangs away until lunchtime.



A popular sweet dish in Lebanon, kallaj is a pastry dough which is filled with ashta, which is a type of thick clotted cream. The pastry is then fried and drizzled with sugar syrup. It’s served hot, sprinkled with ground nuts such as pistachio, and topped with orange blossom. A mouth-wateringly delicious snack at any time of the day!



A filling dish eaten for breakfast, brunch, or indeed lunch, shakshuka is a popular dish throughout the middle east. It consists of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce with spinach. There are many variations, and flavourings are typically added with cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika, and harissa. It’s usually served with pita bread.



This is a thick creamy yoghurt that’s a healthy low-fat alternative to traditional creams and yoghurts. It has a soft texture, and is served with a wide variety of sweet and sour dishes.